Group Therapy

Since much of what we learn about language comes from observing and relating to others, socialization is key to language development. Speakeasy BKLYN's social skills groups are organized based on developmental abilities. Groups are for preschoolers to school age. Each group is approximately 5-10 children. Social skills groups are an excellent way to practice skills learned in one on one therapy.

The following social skills will be targeted:

  • Initiating communication

  • Reading body language/using and understand gestures

  • Understanding and responding to the emotions of others

  • Problem-solving

  • Body awareness


Sessions will be embedded with movement games to ensure children are well regulated. The goal of these sessions is to teach children how to think and relate to other people rather than teaching them to memorize specific conversation starters. You can teach a child to look at another child but when you show them how to use eye gaze and importance of eye gaze, this will transform their interactions.


 If you're interested in an Group Speech Therapy contact me.