If you're looking for an alternative or addition to ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), Speakeasy BKLYN is the only Brooklyn Speech and Language practice that specializes in DIR/Floortime. DIR/Floortime is a treatment for children and adults with neurodevelopment challenges (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder). This approach meets children where they are in their development then, according to Piaget, incorporates small step progressions.


Autism is a disorder in relating and communicating. DIR/Floortime addresses these unique challenges directly. The following is a description of the DIR/Floortime™ framework.



• DEVELOPMENTAL-This is the foundation of the model. It includes developing children's capacity to remain calm and regulated, engage with others, initiate and respond to communication, engage in problem-solving, express intentions/desires and to connect ideas by debating and responding to why questions.


• INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES-We are all distinct in the way we respond to sounds, touch, smell and movement. This part of the model takes in to account these differences and how they influence communication.


• RELATIONSHIP-Children and adults with neuro-developmental challenges will respond best when they are connected with the adults in their life. These relationships provide them with a reason to communicate.