Individual Sessions

Individual Speech Sessions

Speakeasy BKLYN accepts clients through Private Pay. Please see scheduling to learn about insurance policy.

After completing the initial consultation, individual therapy sessions are conducted either at home or at school. The sessions are 45 minutes and the frequency will be determined upon assessing the child’s needs. Therapeutic sessions are play-based and consist of interactive games and toys that are both developmentally appropriate and functional. Play=cognition. In other words, the more we know about how a child plays, the better we understand the child’s cognitive development.

Each child will be appropriately challenged while having fun! Parents are key participants in sessions and will be encouraged to practice the strategies targeted in each session. Homework will be assigned at the end of each session to ensure goals are targeted throughout the week.

Individual therapy sessions are provided for children to support the following:



 Neuromuscular Disorders


 Expressive Language

 Language Comprehension

 Pragmatic/Social Language

 Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Oral Motor Disorders


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